06 September 2007

Old wine in broken bottles

Fred Thompson more of the same conservative crapola! He will not divide us, but bring us together. Sound familiar? "I am a uniter, not a divider." To win, conservatives have to divide us and work the emotions of their base!

"A strong country" equals four more years of no taxes for the rich while we pour untold billions down the Iraq rathole in service of big oil and defense contracting!

We hear all about his caring about Americans like our current "compassionate conservative" who cuts GI benefits while grinding up our youth in his premeptive war while trying to destroy social security, who cuts spending on children's health, who fails to relieve disasters which strike the poor!

But Freddie's (check his birth certificate) real vision is on the conservative legacy to continue to pack the Federal courts and whittle away at American's freedoms. The fifth column is these conservative globalists.

But can he even be the decider? It took him from March until September (six months) to decide he was running. What a maroon!

We don't need another B actor to play our president!!

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