27 August 2007

Advice & Consent: What We Want!!!!!

We want the Senate to extract agreement from the next AG to:

1) Protect and defend the Constitution;
2) Honor and comply with Congressional subpoenas in a timely manner;
3) Completely de-politicize the DoJ;
4) Assure a full and complete investigation of the Duke Cunningham-related cases even into the CIA;
5) Clean out and clean up the the Civil Rights Division;
6) Investigate the possible Hatch Act violations represented by the Rove, et al, presentation at departments and agencies;
7) Set up a task force to investigate Iraq-war related contracting irregularities;
8) Aggressively investigate voter-suppression;
9) Investigate Congressional interference with US Attorney investigation activities;
10) Aggressively investigate allegations of perjury by Alberto Gonzales;
11) Investigate any cover up of the outing of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame;
12) Make a full, thorough, and complete investigation of the firings of the eight or more US attorneys!

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